Sorry, Paul Bremmer III (former King of Iraq) is not here at present, after helping USAID to rip off the Iraqi people, he has hightailed it back to the safety of Washington D.C. Did you ever see anybody make such a quick exit? He was almost on the plane before he even knew he was leaving! He is hoping he has nailed down the major infrastructure and oil supply contracts for US based companies such as Bechtel & Haliburton, before the new Iraqi Government is elected. His only worry is that the new Government might want to review those contacts. However, Chalabi has told him not to worry about that , he thought he could handle it but look where his romance with Rumsfeld has got him in the end! You can't trust anybody these days.

We have replaced Paul with a new super US Ambassador - John Negroponte - in a super dooper new Embassy Building in Bagdad. What the Iraqis dont fully realise is that their interim leader Iyad Alawi (one of the nice Baathists) is a former CIA Agent so he does what he is told, just like our man in Afghanistan - Hamid Karzai who signed up that Caspian Sea gas pipeline deal we were after for so long. It would have been cheaper to route it through Iran but we dont like the Iranians do we.

We (the U.S.) don't agree with competitive tendering here in Iraq, thats a UK deal invented by Tony Blair's New Labour Party to show what a fair guy he is - yes thats the Tony Blair who lied to the British Parliament, lied to the British people and the one who thinks history will canonise him as Saint Tony for supporting the ("illegal") Bush invasion of Iraq. Would you believe the guy? he also told the British people he would personally insure that Iraqi Oil Revenues would be protected for the Iraqi people. We thought it better not to tell him what we had in mind in case he changed his mind about coming with us to Iraq. Anybody who underestimates John Negroponte is making a big mistake. It wont bother him how many Iraqi Civilians get killed or tortured as long as he gets his way. John did get some negative press over his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair- you can see his full C.V. at this link if you are interested;

We heard recently that a Washington Post Survey claimed that 70% of the American people believe that Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attacks. George had to go on TV to say that he had no evidence of any link between Saddam and 9/11. Now where did the American people get that impression , I wonder ?

Lets hope John Kerry wont become the next US President - we dont want any sanity injected into US foreign policy, now do we. We want to keep up the fictional "War on Terror" so we have an open ended licence from the American people to do what we like. Why should we address the underlying reasons why the majority of Muslims hate us ?

Gen.Wesley Clark said some months ago that certain people, acting on behalf of the Bush administration, called him immediately after the attacks on September 11th and asked him to go on TV to tell the country that Saddam Hussein was "involved" in the attacks. He asked them for proof, but they couldn't provide any. He refused their request. In the months leading up the Iraq War, friends of his (Clark's) at the Pentagon -- high-ranking career military officers -- told him that the military brass did NOT want this war in Iraq, that it violated the Powell Doctrine of "start no war if you don't know what your exit strategy is." They KNEW we would be in this mess, and they asked the General, in his role now as a television commentator, to inform the American people of this folly. And, as best he could, that's what he did. "Let's make one thing real clear said Clark: I would never have voted for this war…. I've got a very consistent record on this. There was no imminent threat. This was not a case for pre-emptive war." Does he think he was running the country? George was always keen on the idea of invading Iraq to finish his Daddy's business there - this we thought we made clear in a letter to President Clinton in 1998 - see this link if you dont believe me:

Did you not think it was bizarre to see Chalabi sitting in the Iraqi Chair at the UN for Bush's speech? we did too!

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